Digital printing is the ideal printing technique for photos and colorful designs which have gradients. This printing technique does not last as long as flex and flock. The colors fade over time.

Digital printing is sub-divided into three different techniques: Digital Direct, Digital Transfer* and Digital Transfer Overlay*.

Digital Direct

  • The print is sprayed directly onto the apparel. Therefore, the design feels softer and is more comfortable to wear than Digital Transfer.
  • Digital Direct works well with large designs, however the colors fade after the first few washes. This printing technique is optimal if a “vintage” look is desired. The design looks somewhat washed-out and vibrant colors are not to be expected.
  • Digital Direct is a relatively new printing technique, therefore we are not able to print on all of our products.

Digital Transfer* and Digital Transfer Overlay*

  • The design is first printed onto a transfer paper before it is pressed onto the shirt. Digital Transfer Overlay prints can be cut to the exact shape of the design or photo. Digital Transfer prints will have a thin line around the design.
  • Compared to Digital Direct, the Digital Transfer and Digital Transfer Overlay designs are truer to the original color and more durable.
  • Digital Transfer Overlay can be printed on all fabric colors. However, Digital Transfer designs can only be printed on white and some natural products.

How do I get the best results with digital printing?

  • With photos: an unlimited number of colors are available for the design; color gradients are possible.
  • For designs with more than 3 colors and with color gradients.

What should I be aware of when using digital printing?

  • The design must be uploaded as a pixel graphic.
  • Digital Transfer designs which are printed on stretch shirts might form cracks, as the print is not very flexible.
  • Colors fade over time.

* We do not offer this types of printing.

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